Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tenaciously reading Titles with TEN (10)

Ashe Library’s wall clock features Wendy Wax’s novel Ten Beach Road to represent the tenth hour on its clock face.   It may be the perfect book to read for those who are trying to get in one more beach vacation before the winter comes.  It is also a great book to read for those who are involved in renovation projects.  This story is about a group of eclectic women who meet under unique circumstances and decide to restore a beach mansion named Bela Flora, located as you might guess … on 10 Beach Road.    

You may wonder about this unusual set-up for a beach read type novel.   The back-story on these women is their common thread of all being swindled out of investment money in a Ponzi scheme.  It seems that some of their monies were invested in this piece of property and they are all sent notice about owning a part of this real estate when lawyers are trying to sort things out among the victims of Malcolm Dyer’s investment schemes.  Meanwhile, the neglected mansion is such a historical landmark that the property would be much more valuable with the mansion restored, rather than torn down.   Right away I was curious how this would work out.  Wendy introduces each character and their circumstances in the beginning of the novel and then they all come together with different personalities in quite an amazing way.    There is Avery, young gorgeous and coincidentally a star of a home makeover series, whose show is on hiatus.  And Maddie a stay-at-home wife/mother with dysfunctional family problems.  Then there is Nicole, dating service diva and unknown to the others, sister of Malcolm the embezzler.  This book has a little bit of romance for all the characters, with various different men, and a lot of chic bonding.  I can’t really recommend this to male readers, but for those who might enjoy a good story this is the first in Wax’s Beach Road series.  If you try this book and enjoy the characters you can look forward to following Nicole, Avery, and Maddie in other beach adventures. 

The Friends of Ashe Library, sponsoring Read-Around-the-Clock, would like to invite everyone to come out at 10:00 a.m. on October 10, and to discuss any book they have read with a TEN (10) in the title.  One suggestion for male readers, who could care less for female-bonding/romance stories, might be Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 by, Marcus Lutrell.  Children may enjoy reading the Dr. Suess classic Ten Apples on Top.  Read-Around-the-Clock is for everyone!

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