Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Julia May Present "Art of the Month" by Molly Gambill

“Foggy Day, Moonlit Night.”

 The amazing Molly Gambill is a photographer, painter and basketball player whose works of art are on display in the library’s upstairs gallery.  Among the ten pieces included in the exhibit are fine examples of collage, pastels, and photography.  Her artworks are beautifully executed, presenting a wide range of subjects and demonstrating a variety of techniques. 
Flowers that really pop are the subject of four of Molly’s works; these combine photography with pastels and other materials.  Another work involves cutting a painting into strips and weaving the strips together to create another painting. (Daffodils appear!) Two other paper collages are abstracts that remind me of the detailed Hubble telescope photos of the universe around us: Neptune and the Milky Way.  The pastels depict charming scenes: one of a woman relaxing on the beach and another of a child standing with a rather curly black dog.  Perhaps the most interesting is the Edenic pastoral scene made of paper and paint, reminiscent of “Peaceable Kingdom” by Edward Hicks.  Yet another collage is a gauzy assemblage of photographs called “Foggy Day, Moonlit Night.”  Molly, how about teaching a collage class?  

Widely recognized throughout our locale, Mrs Gambill is an Ashe County native who retired from the Ashe County Department of Social Services but remains very active in the community. She volunteers at the Ashe County Public Library and serves as a member of the Library Board, the Ashe County Board of Education and Skyline Telephone Corporation. Molly also enjoys working with the Ashe County Little Theater and the Ashe County Arts Council (where she previously served as a board member), as well as many other local organizations.  She is married to Jerry Gambill and they have two children. You go girl!  


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