Monday, August 4, 2014

Meet Leeann Cronk, Author of The Pirate's Revenge

This Friday at 2:00 p.m. author Leeann Cronk will be visiting the Ashe County Library to promote her latest novel The Pirate's Revenge

I really enjoyed this young adult novel. Aaron is a teenage boy who finds his life drastically changed when his mother dies in a fire and his father, Stede Bonnet, takes him in. Aaron never spent much time with his father who lived away with his legal wife and children. At first Aaron thinks he will be accepted into the family, but soon finds that he is being sucked into a pirate lifestyle. It seems that his father must be having a midlife crisis and has decided to sail the seas, robbing and wrecking havoc instead of importing sugar and rum on his new ship. Aaron is terribly mistreated by one of the shipmates on board, and he lives in fear until he is befriended by two brothers who where taken in to help with running the ship. The three help each other deal with the abuse and scheme a plan to escape. In conversations about God's plan for each of them, why there are evil and terrible motives among the ship's crew, and how God's love is there with forgiveness when asked for, Aaron is able to find sympathy and forgiveness for his father. The boys have TOO much adventure ... avoiding attacks on other ships as best they can by hiding in the bowels of the ship. One of the brothers faces trial when the pirates are captured and there is also a hunt for buried treasure in a cemetery (creepy)!

There is a lot of historical fact included in this novel, along with information about the notorious pirate Blackbeard.

Be sure to stop in and meet Leeann and check out her book.  Signed copies will be available for purchase.

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