Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Julia May Presents Quilter of the Month: Alice Potter

The Christmas Quilt
Celebration of this season has two main themes, light and life.  At this the darkest and least verdant time of the year, it seems appropriate to place symbols of light and life around us. Lights on Christmas trees, decorative lights on houses, stores and streets….actually some houses and even towns make a spectacular show of winter lights.  Think McAdenville, NC, nicknamed “Christmas Town USA” and Gum Branch Road just off highways 221 and 16 in Ashe County.  Lighted symbols in the form of candles, stars, tinsel, and even snow celebrate light.  Light gives us hope of for lights return during this the darkest time of the year.
The verdant evergreen, particularly the Frazier Fir, is the tree of choice in this part of the country because Ashe County abounds with Frazier Firs.  Evergreen trees remain green year round and have come to symbolize life in the dead, cold month of December.  Even some Magnolia trees (species Magnolia grandiflora) are considered evergreens as they holds their leaves year round and therefore often used to make wreaths. The other common evergreens in this area are the conifers: hemlock, blue spruce, red cedar, white, scots, and jack pines as well as the Frazier fir. Deciduous trees usually shed their leaves in the fall and then grow leaves again in the spring.  Both the evergreens and the light of the season leave us with the hope and anticipation of spring.   

This beautiful Christmas Quilt, stitched and quilted by Alice Potter of Granite Falls, exhibits many symbols that we recognize as part of the holiday season: children playing in the snow, decorated evergreens, holly, sleigh riding, carolers, reindeer, stars, and snow creatures.   Enjoy the holidays.

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