Friday, June 16, 2017

"Mean" Boys Read!

Ashe County High School Football Coach, Brian Hampton, recently motivated his football players to spend time reading and to read with younger boys.  

AND NOW this summer, the focus on “boys reading” continues.  The emphasis on reading as a boy’s activity may appear to be contrived, as it has been noted for decades that boys generally lack interest in the pastime.  For many, reading is a trend that is slowly diminishing as other media which seem more attractive are taking its place.

Last week, Ashe County wrestlers, The Mat Monsters, with their coach, Alex Wray, hosted a story time event at Ashe Library.  The boys picked out books to read and share, then did a terrific job entertaining listeners, both young and old.  Their personalities poured out, bringing characters from the page to life.   Coach Wray, an important role-model to his team, always reminds them they are born champions. “Reading is fundamental and will help you succeed in life more than any other thing,” says Wray.  He stresses the importance of reading for building self-image as learners, and encourages everyone to choose reading as a recreational activity for the brain. 
Although Wray’s wrestlers are fierce and mean on the mat, they are actually thoughtful, funny, and really nice guys.  They were all invited to come back again as guest readers and even to earn community service hours for high school as volunteer readers.  Needless to say the librarians were impressed by their enthusiasm and story delivery. Wray’s inspiration is contagious and spreads with the positive power of peer influence to get reluctant readers, specifically boys, into reading.
Another special “boys read” event takes place at 2:00 p.m. on June 27 when a Civil War soldier visits.  Clint Johnson, reenactor, will share tales about brave dogs of the Civil War.  All are invited to come enjoy the stories and step back in time. 

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