Thursday, October 29, 2015

Becky Stragand Wins State Library Friends Award!

Becky Stragand was honored last weekend  with a North Carolina Friend of Public Libraries Frannie Ashburn Volunteer of the Year Award.   

I have known Becky for a little over three years and can say that she is involved in a little bit of everything and a lot of library!  Becky has been a great library Friend, not only in volunteering at the library or promoting library events, but attending library events herself.  As a librarian I can speak for all that our Friends dedication to the library’s mission and fund raising efforts are greatly appreciated.  But, when Friends support our programs by attending and providing feedback it confirms our purpose.  It is nice to see “Friendly faces,” in the audience, especially when making a report to the county commissioners!

Becky is a regular book club member and works each year with the library and arts council to plan and host a week-long county literary festival, “On the Same Page.”  She attends the town’s monthly community partnership meetings which helps to keep the library informed of community needs. 

 Recently Becky served as a member of our library’s local and regional steering committee to help craft a new 5-year strategic plan.  Becky has been published in two local anthologies and is popular reader at WordKeepers a bi-monthly event to showcase writers’ work.  Each year Becky participates in the library’s annual NaNoWriMo program and offers support to other writers.   Becky has volunteered to be a “Giver” at World Book Night events, where books were distributed into the community along with library calendars and invitations to visit the library.  The Friends have a beautiful newsletter to go out by email for members, as a result for Becky’s hard work.  The monthly newsletter is also embedded in the library’s webpage and available for pickup at the library’s information wall.  Can I say more?

Becky is truly a Friend to Ashe Library with all her support and encouragement, and we feel she most definitely deserves this award.

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  1. Very well deserved. I have known Becky's work with two public libraries, and she is one of the best.