Thursday, August 27, 2015

New Art Exhibit at Ashe County Public Library

 Susan H. Jespersen

Color is my favorite thing in art and therefore the first thing I notice in a painting. This might also explain my fascination with plastic things such as kitchen and storage containers, many toys.  Artist Susan H. Jespersen does use color in a colorful way in her painting.   Eight of which are now on display in the upstairs gallery at the public library, three are abstracts and four are landscapes, representing scenes in the eastern United States and one is a still live.  All are so beautifully executed, that I feel inadequate in describing them but I can highly recommend that you come to the library and see them for yourself. 
Susan’s self-described curiously and willingness to learn new things are apparent in this particular exhibit.   Already having earned and used several degrees from a B. S. to a PhD, she is now enrolled in the fine arts degree program at AppState.  Those of you familiar with pigments used by artists will recognize alizarin crimson.  Interestingly enough she studied art at the Alizarin Crimson work gallery in Stuart, FL beginning around 2007 and then moved to Ashe County in 2010.  She is a fine addition to the community and the art scene in the county. Her paintings are also on view a Frenchy’s Fine Art in West Jefferson and online at

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