Friday, April 11, 2014

Julia May Presents Artist of the Month

 Introducing Lea Booth's Steeple Series 
... on display through the month of April.
The library’s April art exhibit features a series of steeple paintings by local artist Lea Booth.  Her inspiration for this theme came after noticing many of the photographs she took while traveling were often of churches and steeples.  These paintings are compilations of those steeple photographs.   Some of the steeples are from local churches, or within the state, and some from as far north as Vermont.  It is interesting to see them grouped together and discover denominations of the churches represented. 

Lea captions her website with an anonymous quote "Life is not about the breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away."  This saying reflects the philosophy of Lea’s creativity and desire to preserve those breathtaking moments. Lea began painting as a young girl and it has only been since retirement that she became a full-time artist.  She uses primarily oils and acrylics in a variety of styles and techniques to produce paintings from life or photographs.  She is also an accomplished photographer and poet.  Lea has recently launched a pet portrait service. Visit Lea’s Artwork  online to find out more and see her virtual gallery of work, but be sure to stop by the library for an up-close view of her Steeple Series.  

 Richard Easley entertains at Ashe Library on April 5, 2014 


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