Thursday, April 18, 2013

Science in the Library


Science in the Library, a set on Flickr.

As North Carolina’s Science Festival comes to a close, Peggy Bailey, Ashe Library’s Youth Service Librarian would like to remind us that “Science is fun!”    Here at the library the youth service department enjoys incorporating science into programs for children and their families.  The pictures in this Flicker set are of a special library program presented by Wind Energy Ambassador, Thelma Kastl.  Thelma is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) teacher at Ashe County Middle School.  She visited the library to show kids how wind, water and solar power can be renewable resources of energy.  They enjoyed hands-on activities, making wind-powered “cars” and designing water wheels.   They also learned how to make non-electric light bulbs out of plastic bottles.  

 At another recent program, students became egg-stronauts, where they designed capsules for eggs.  The egg-capsules where launched catapult-style and the landings were quite interesting!  Let’s just say in some cases “Humpty Dumpty “survived intact without damage or only a few cracks and in other instances he had a great fall.

Even at ages 2-3 years, children are using scientific discovery methods to learn about the world around them.  Parents are part of the learning process as they interact with their young ones.  This month tots have helped plant seeds for a summer gardening project, they have learned special movement exercises that contribute to optimum brain function, and they have explored colors with a fun experiment. 

Looking ahead to summer reading programs, there are many exciting things you won’t want to miss out on.  The theme of this summer’s program is “Dig into Reading.”   Along with discovering some really cool books, children will investigate mini-fossils and grow a straw-bale garden!   There will be more news to come about featured programs and guests, but the inside scoop reveals a special appearance of “The Mad Scientist,”  who will be demonstrating things to make you say “WOW” !

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